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View of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, showing the downtown skyline.

Solving the World’s Most Difficult Automation Challenges

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Willowglen’s mission is to be a global leader in delivering visionary, customer-driven industrial automation solutions. With an international track record of project success across multiple industries, customers trust Willowglen’s experience in developing reliable and cost-effective solutions for their mission-critical challenges.

Willowglen Drives Project Success By:

  • Developing enterprise-level integrated control systems based on leading-edge research and industry best practices
  • Cost effectively designing and manufacturing specialized hardware and/or software for specific project requirements
  • Pioneering industrial automation innovation
  • Raising the bar on safety, flexibility and efficiency


Willowglen Systems is proud to be an Edmonton-based company with a global impact.

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