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Oil and Gas Products and Systems


SCADACOM is a preferred enterprise solution for mission critical applications. By combining the power of SCADACOM with 45 years of project management experience and unparalleled technical support, Willowglen delivers cost-effective, real-time monitoring and control systems that meet the demanding performance, reliability, security, and safety goals for the world’s most challenging automation applications.

Machine Learning Decision Support

We have developed a machine learning (ML) decision support solution to help industrial mission-critical operations identify and implement small improvements that will deliver previously unattainable outcomes. Our in-depth knowledge of flow computers and SCADA for pipelines gives us applicable foresight and practical system experience parallel to none. We share our ML process and a recent case study of our ML solution deployed on a pipeline.

Unisen RTU

The Unisen Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is an advanced intelligent electronic device that is used for data acquisition, local/remote control and simple to complex real-time processing of field or plant data. Designed for small to medium size sites, Up to 16 I/O modules with 2000+ I/O point capacity can be supported within the main RTU rack and expansion racks can be easily added. The Unisen RTUs are sophisticated devices with robust hardware and flexible software.

Unisen Flow Computer

For over 20 years, Willowglen Systems has been at the forefront of the custody transfer flow computer business – with innovative products that incorporate new technologies to push the limits of what is possible in a flow computer. Unisen Flow Computers are sophisticated flow calculating devices with robust hardware and flexible software aimed at satisfying the auditing, regulatory and billing requirements of pipeline operations. They are field-proven in varying sizes and configurations, developed in conjunction with top pipeline operators and customized to their changing requirements.

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