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Willowglen Systems transporting rail SCADA into the future.

Let Willowglen be Your Trusted Main Automation Contractor in the Rail Market

We can take the extra automation-related Project Management, Vendor Management, and Integration work off your plate, along with its associated risk. We are vendor and technology agnostic and will work to align our work processes with those of the project team to ensure seamless integration.

Willowglen Systems has over fifty years of experience in distributed mission-critical automation. We are leading the way for the future with solutions that meet today’s standards and tomorrow’s in safety and 24/7 cybersecurity coverage.

What is a MAC?

A Main Automation Contractor (MAC) designs, engineers, and delivers all automation-related equipment and systems and ensures they are all integrated safely and securely, supported by the appropriate services.

A MAC is different from a Systems Integrator (SI) in that the MAC takes responsibility for all the automation integration work done on the project, including the work done by other vendors. An SI works on an island and is only responsible for their part of the project.

A MAC focuses on teamwork by:

  • Coordinating schedules between suppliers,
  • EPCs and the MAC;
  • Aligning shared objectives; and
  • Creating a common understanding of each party’s responsibilities.

MACs help you find the optimum solution for your project by having a complete understanding of the project requirements, technology, and execution. They are your single point of contact for any automation-related project component.

Why Hire a MAC?

Reduce Project Risk

Accelerate Schedules

Lower Overall Cost

Improve Integration

A Single Point of Contact

The automation aspect of projects is growing in size and complexity in terms of additional subsystems and vendors. There are ever-expanding IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) requirements, making it difficult to predict I/O counts and integrate products for many different providers. A Main Automation Contractor can take the project management and integration work off your hands and provide you with a single point of contact for your automation and integration needs.

MAC Requirements


  • In an application area
  • With vendor offerings
  • Specialized knowledge, resources, or products

Global Connections

  • Presence or vendor connections in a region
  • Familiarity with local standards

Project Management

  • Integration with client process and procedures
  • Meets schedules
  • Relationships with vendors
  • Manages project scope
  • Stays on budget


  • Offers critical assistance
  • Has support plans available
  • Provides training

Willowglen is Your MAC For Passenger Rail

Willowglen Systems is ideally suited to your ideal partner and MAC.

  • Over 50 Years of experience in automation
  • Small enough to truly care and integrate with your workflow and processes
  • Large enough to provide the necessary expertise
  • Vendor and technology agnostic
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Subsystem Integrations

We have developed protocols to communicate with:

  • Communication Based Train Control (CBTC)
  • Traction Power Systems (TPS)

We have our own:

  • Digital Multimedia Recording and Retrieval System (DMRRS)
  • Emergency Management Panel (EMP) System

We can also integrate various other subsystems into our SCADA System, including:

  • Asset Management Systems
  • Automatic Train Control (ATC)
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Emergency Telephones (ETEL)
  • Fare Collection System (FCS)
  • Gate Intrusion and Detection Systems (GIDS)
  • Maintenance Management Information Systems
  • Public Announcements (PA)
  • Passenger Assistance Intercom (PAI)
  • Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)
  • Tunnel Ventilation System (TVS)

Learn about one of our complex highly integrated projects:


Willowglen has the experience and dedication to be your Rail Main Automation Contractor. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

Additional Services

Additional Willowglen Professional Services

Project Management

Large Scope, Many Stakeholders, Compressed Schedule


Requirements Gathering, Business Rules


Solution Architecture, Design, Engineering


Customer Interfaces, Update Existing Modules


Databases, Interfaces, Schematics

Quality Assurance

Pre-Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), FAT/FIT, Site Acceptance Test (SAT) / Systems Integration Test (SIT)


Implementation, Commissioning

Long-Term Maintenance Support

Pre-Project Analysis and Planning


Procurement, Project Management, and Integration of Subsystems

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