Intelligent Infrastructure Products and Systems

Connections over a large city

Industrial Internet of Things (IloT)

Willowglen is at the forefront of intelligent industrial data management development. With real-time data, predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities, we have your IIoT automation solved.

From the harsh Canadian North to remote provinces in China, Willowglen’s power generation, distribution and transmission customers take data management to new levels. From remote substations to control rooms, SCADA-embedded advanced algorithms address critical forecasting needs. IIoT Heavy Electrical Load Monitoring/ Shedding targets non-critical loads while sophisticated Transformer Monitoring ensures earlier detection of power outages.

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Ones and zeros in space

Machine Learning

Our mission is to solve the world’s most difficult automation challenges. Because of that, we are constantly innovating and integrating new technologies into our solutions. Our machine learning efforts are specialized to help distributed mission-critical infrastructure optimize their operations. Our depth of knowledge across a breadth of industries (pipeline, rail, electrical) gives us applicable foresight and practical system experience parallel to none.

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