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Unisen Rail


A key component in the Transit ICS solution, the Unisen Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is an advanced intelligent electronic device that is used for data acquisition, local/remote control and simple to complex real-time processing of field or plant data. The Unisen RTUs are sophisticated devices with robust hardware and flexible software. Monitoring and control systems such as SCADACOM rely on the UNISEN RTUs for reliable and accurate real-time field information.

Sophisticated Data Acquisition Device

Maintaining the RTUs can be done using a secure embedded web interface allowing configuration from any standard web browser. The Unisen allows customers to create their own programs which can be written in any of the five IEC 61131-3 languages. Unisen is based on a stable and reliable open source Linux operating system.

Scalable and Flexible

With three available models, up to 16 I/O modules can be supported within the main RTU rack and expansion racks can be easily added, delivering up to 2000 I/O data points.

Field-Proven and Reliable

The RTUs can run in a fully redundant configuration, including supporting redundant I/O cards, ensuring that neither failures nor maintenance will interrupt operation. The intelligence card and firmware are common to all models ensuring Unisen’s rich feature set is available for all sizes of RTUs.

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