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SCADACOM is a preferred enterprise solution for mission critical applications. By combining the power of SCADACOM with 45 years of project management experience and unparalleled technical support, Willowglen delivers cost-effective, real-time monitoring and control systems that meet the demanding performance, reliability, security, and safety goals for the world’s most challenging automation applications.

Architectural Flexibility Grows with You

SCADACOM’s extreme scalability ensures there are no “glass ceilings” impeding future expansion. Out-of-the-box, the system supports over 1,000,000 data points. The solution’s powerful n-way architecture allows additional network equipment to be easily added on a live network without requiring downtime, providing complete operational redundancy, and supporting business growth.

Raising the Bar on Operator Situational Awareness

SCADACOM is a Human Factors-based platform that utilizes leading-edge research and industry best practices. A human-centric operator experience reduces fatigue, burnout, and errors. All subsystems are inter-aware to enable a unified approach to control and automation.

Operator-Centric Drives Safety and Efficiency

SCADACOM’s Management of Change (MoC) environment provides a safe and consequence free way to test changes to the system before they are applied to the production environment.

View the SCADACOM Pipeline PDF Brochure.

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