Wayside Health is an integrated and powerful solution, targeting the reduction of wayside maintenance requirements and increased safety. A robust, feature-rich hardware and software platform that seamlessly integrates wayside systems and enables the remote collection of operational data, Wayside Health ultimately improves operations and enhances safety. Tasks that periodically required on-site data collection are now accomplished in real-time using the WHMS solution.

Reduced Wayside Maintenance

Not only does this severely reduce truck roll, but enables maintenance prioritization, which in turn reduces emergency call outs and crew overtime.

Unified Integration Hub

Powered by our SCADACOM back-office control system, data management is unified into a centralized hub and “islands of control” are eliminated. Your organization achieves immediate access to critical, real-time data.

Ensured Return On Investment

With an increase in real-time visibility on your network’s wayside system status, WHMS is also compatible with technology from a wide variety of industry vendors, translating to significant cost savings by continuing to use existing field equipment.

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