Sharna Batey

Sharna Batey is Willowglen’s Sales Operations Lead. Her responsibility lies in managing internal departmental projects and ensuring that clients are supported during the transition from sales to project execution. With over 15 years of experience in client relations, project management, and process or change management Sharna has excelled in managing and supporting clients throughout the various stages of technical and commercial projects, by ensuring a mutual understanding of goals and objectives.

Her experience has historically been centred in engineering projects for construction, production and process systems. While her transition to automation system has been recent, Sharna has a deep and innate understanding of how to gather and collate the client’s needs, and then align with Willowglen’s products and services. Having seen and reaped the results of working on these projects, Sharna thrives in Willowglen’s fast-paced and client centric environment where her direct and calm demeanour ensures that projects are supported from a high level, down to the intricate details.

  • PMI certification and member
  • Sandler sales training certified
  • Calgary Stampede program lead

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