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SentientQ is SCADA Reimagined

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SentientQ is SCADA Reimagined

Obtain unrivaled benefits with Willowglen Systems’ next generation SCADA solution: SentientQ. Benefits such as: Optimized Performance, Scalability, Flexibility, Improved System Security, Enhanced Safety, Easy Commissioning, and Legacy System Compatibility.

Video Transcript

My name is Ian Verhappen and I am a Senior Solutions Architect at Willowglen Systems. I have been recognized as an ISA Fellow and Member of the Automation Hall of Fame for my twenty-five years of experience and leadership in the automation industry.

What is SentientQ?

SentientQ is Willowglen Systems’ next generation SCADA solution.

It is SCADA Reimagined.

SentientQ not only represents a step change in how SCADA systems are developed and deployed, more importantly it provides unrivaled benefits.

Benefits such as:

  • Optimized Performance
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Improved System Security
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Easy Commissioning, and
  • Legacy System Compatibility

How does SentientQ redefine the control and monitoring of mission-critical infrastructure?

SentientQ has eight differentiators that build upon and significantly expand SCADACOM’s Core Capabilities of real time secure communications over any type of network.

The high availability SCADA Engine connects and controls all aspects of SentientQ by supporting a User Interface able to integrate with and provide supervisory control of any number of application specific subsystems.

Cybersecurity is critical, which is why SentientQ incorporates Zero Trust and CARTA principles as a core part of its design and implementation to support connection to any data source, anywhere.

SCADA systems are about capturing and using real time data. SentientQ is capable of storing millions of data points per second into the Real Time Big Data reservoir for use by other systems and SCADA services.

Data alone does not drive business value. SentientQ’s Decision Support tools support Willowglen, client, or third party developer ML or AI models to capture and implement domain expertise.

Trusted Ledger supports a “single source of truth.” This functions like an airline black box to guarantee message integrity from its point of origin.

SentientQ data streams are also able to connect through appropriate security tools such as a Demilitarized Zone, to Enterprise Business Systems and External Data Sources or repositories, such as cloud data lakes for storage or retrieval of information, with systems outside the SCADA environment.

SentientQ’s unified modular design provides breakthrough values with these key capabilities.

To unlock SentientQ’s breakthrough values, visit our website.

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