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SentientQ Overviews

Discover SentientQ with lightbulb with gears in it and the Willowglen logo

Discover SentientQ

(Video Length: 4 minutes 25 seconds)

SentientQ represents the evolution of enterprise SCADA technology providing control, automation, and data collection from the Edge to the distributed Control Center.

SentientQ is the future. It is SCADA Reimagined.

The SentientQ Advantage

(Video Length: 3 minutes 3 seconds)

SentientQ aids oil and gas pipelines in reducing the operating cost by 28.4% with similar reductions in environmental factors. SentientQ pushes the conventional boundaries of SCADA to introduce a reimagined, intelligent, and sophisticated software solution that takes advantage of cutting-edge innovation and modern technologies to revolutionize the future of industrial automation.

SentientQ is SCADA Reimagined

(Video Length: 3 minutes 3 seconds)

Obtain unrivaled benefits with Willowglen Systems’ next generation SCADA solution: SentientQ. Benefits such as: Optimized Performance, Scalability, Flexibility, Improved System Security, Enhanced Safety, Easy Commissioning, and Legacy System Compatibility.


Security Manager™ – The SCADA Cybersecurity Solution

(Video Length: 2 minutes 35 seconds)

Security Manager is SentientQ’s cybersecurity module. It is Willowglen’s solution to the SCADA cybersecurity problem. SentientQ’s Security Manager redefines cybersecurity in the scada environment by seamlessly integrating security information with facility operations in a zero trust environment.

The SentientQ Variable Response System

(Video Length: 3 minutes 5 seconds)

SentientQ’s Variable Response System improves how operators react when responding to incidents. The system presents them with a clear set of options, and walks them through the process of bringing the incident to a resolution. The degree of automation used is fully customizable.

The Variable Response System is integrated within the SentientQ Security Suite. Providing the operator with a holistic view of any incident.

Prioritize Control System Security with Zero Trust

(Video Length: 3 minutes 37 seconds)

SentientQ prioritizes control system security with zero trust and improves the user experience for all our clients.

Zero Trust architecture is critical to global security in the digital transformation era with growing hybrid workforces, continued cloud migration, and transformation of security operations. SentientQ’s zero trust is a security model that can protect and grow your business.

What’s New and Unique About the SentientQ Faceplate?

(Video Length: 2 minutes 32 seconds)

SentientQ provides additional relevant, and useful information through the use of dedicated indicators on the 4 corners of the faceplate. The 4 indicators are: Alarm Indicator, Data Quality Indicator, Security Score Indicator, and SILZone Indicator.


SILZone™ – The Safe Systems Approach

(Video Length: 2 minutes 53 seconds)

SILZone is a simple, cost effective and time efficient Willowglen solution to address SIL related system complexity, client requests and new regulations requiring SIL systems for specific types of applications. SILZone™ can be easily incorporated into SentientQ.™ SentientQ is SCADA Reimagined.

SentientQ™ and SILZone™

(Video Length: 2 minutes 28 seconds)

Achieve SIL capabilities and benefits without the usual SIL related constraints and cost through Willowglen’s SILZone solution on our SentientQ platform. SILZone combines the core IEC 61508, IEC 61511 and EN 50129 safety standards.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT and SentientQ

(Video Length: 3 minutes 35 seconds)

SentientQ prepares you for the future and new current reality of IIoT. This system allows you to easily add new devices and data points, collect and manage data from legacy infrastructure, and do this all securely ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your operations.

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