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The SentientQ Faceplate

The SentientQ Faceplate

What’s New and Unique About the SentientQ Faceplate?

SentientQ provides additional relevant, and useful information through the use of dedicated indicators on the 4 corners of the faceplate. The 4 indicators are: Alarm Indicator, Data Quality Indicator, Security Score Indicator, and SILZone Indicator.

Video Transcript

Hi my name is Harshar Srinivasan. I am a Configuration Specialist with Willowglen Systems.

What is a Faceplate?

Every user interface uses faceplates to display information in a common way. IEC 63303 defines a faceplate as a display, part of a display, or popup used for monitoring and/or direct operation of a single control loop, device, sequence, or other entity. Faceplates always contain one or more graphic symbols and are frequently used as a template to present information in a consistent way for repeated user interface elements.

Every manufacturer’s tag faceplate includes 4 core elements:

  • The data value or state
  • Name tag or label
  • Selection border or active area of the tag
  • Alarm border which changes state in the event of an alarm

The SentientQ Faceplate

SentientQ provides additional information through the use of dedicated indicators on the 4 corners of the faceplate.

The alarm indicator supports 3 different levels of alarms created during the configuration process changing colour and shape as a function of the alarm severity.

The Data Quality Indicator identifies how well you can trust the data for the object such as scaling, configuration status, and others including real time asset management statistics. The Data Quality indicator is unique to SCADACOM.

SentientQ is built on SCADACOM’s core capabilities. The additional capabilities of SentientQ provide more information on each data point thus increasing the overall confidence in the messages presented.

The Security Score, like the alarm indicator, has different levels of severity to reflect the potential impact of a cybersecurity event as determined by SentientQ’s Security Manager.

Lastly, SentientQ’s SILZone indicator informs the operator of any point associated with a safety instrumented function. The SILZone indicator meets the SIL standards and regulatory requirements.

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