What Our Team Loves About Willowglen

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Challenging and Impactful Work

Willowglen’s mission is to improve the planet and our customers’ prosperity through better automation and control technology. The work we do is quite literally changing the world. Our technology is at the core of the mission-critical systems in rail, oil and gas, and energy sectors worldwide. The scale of our impact is a point of pride for our Team. A central value all our employees hold is a passion and drive to make a positive difference in the world.

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Great Culture

The supportive and collaborative nature of our Team is at the heart of our work culture. According to our Team, the Willowglen culture feels like family. At Willowglen, we embrace diversity. Less than fifty percent of our Team identify as North American, and we love it. The different perspectives and work experiences gained from our multicultural Team are invaluable.

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Innovative Solutions

Our Team has a real passion for the technology we develop and its applications. At Willowglen, you will get to work on big projects of critical importance to deliver innovative solutions. A Team member stated, “We get to change the world through innovation,” which is something we are very proud of. The technology we develop is unique and often visionary, a lot of our technology is patented or patent pending. However, we do strongly believe in using open source software where possible. We follow international standards in integrating open source automation software into our solutions.

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Stable and Growing

Our Team grew by 56% percent from 2020 to 2021 and by the end of 2021, our Team will be twice the size it was in 2019. Not only are we growing, but Willowglen is stable too. Willowglen has the innovative speed and spirit of a start-up with the stability of being a 50-year-old automation engineering company. Our stability is also thanks to our diversification. We execute business development initiatives across four primary industrial automation markets. Only 20% of our revenue comes from Oil and Gas. Our overseas business development spreads across five continents and includes two Global Fortune 500 and 12 FP500 companies.

Great Place to Work Certified APR 2021 to MAR 2022 CANADA

Fun at Work

At Willowglen, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are a group that likes to have fun at work. Our lunchroom has Nintendo Switches and board games that the Team actively uses. We celebrate Steve Drake Day* with Hawaiian shirts and a bunch of mini-games throughout the office. Our social committee is very active and plans all sorts of events throughout the year.

*Steve Drake Day = A day that celebrates a local University of Alberta legend Steve Drake who is hailed as the king of procrastination for taking 8 years to finish his engineering undergrad degree. 

The work we do is challenging and essential, so balancing that out with a playful and upbeat work culture is important to us. We have highly amusing conversations in our #random Slack channel.

Willowglen employees plating food at a company potluck in the lunchroom
Willowglen employees playing mini golf in the hallways on Steve Drake Day
Willowglen employees curling
Willowglen employees at a Christmas party

Due to our Team currently working remotely, the Social Committee has been organizing virtual events to keep us all connected. So far we’ve had a Zoomtacular for Halloween, Christmas, International Women’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, and May 4th.

Living in Alberta

The road 93 beautiful "Icefield Parkway" in Autumn Jasper National park, Alberta

If you like sunshine and breathtaking landscapes, you’ll be happy here. Alberta is internationally renowned for its natural beauty and is home to six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks. Both our Edmonton and Calgary offices are only a short drive to the majestic Canadian Rockies. Edmonton is a 4hr drive to Jasper National Park, and Calgary is only 1hr drive to Banff National Park. Although with over 150km of trails in the Edmonton River Valley, there is plenty of room to roam in North America’s largest stretch of urban parkland without leaving the city.

Edmonton, Canada’s Festival City, has over 50 festivals annually. There’s something for everyone. Edmonton also has a thriving arts and theatre scene, including North America’s oldest and largest International Fringe Festival. Calgary also has an impressive international festival, the Calgary Stampede, which includes one of the world’s largest rodeos. Due to the global popularity of this event, Calgary is nicknamed the Stampede City.

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Willowglen Systems Covid 19 Response

The safety, health and well-being of our employees and candidates is our top priority. As we move to the post-pandemic stage, Willowglen Systems will continue to process applications virtually. We are utilizing technology to conduct virtual interviews and we are all set up for remote onboarding and orientation whenever needed.

Employees can choose between three working arrangements (when their role allows it):

  • In-Person
  • Hybrid
  • Remote

Willowglen Systems aims to promote result-driven output with flexibility and convenience for our employees.