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We don’t settle when we hire. Everyone we add to our team is selected as they are the best at what they do. If you want colleagues you can learn and grow from then Willowglen is the place for you.


Benefits of a Willowglen career


Meaningful work

Willowglen’s mission is to improve the planet and the prosperity of our customers through better automation and control technology. Our technology is deployed at the core of the mission-critical systems in rail, oil and gas, and energy sectors. We are rising to be a pillar in our community, a Canadian based multinational company, and an exciting place to work.


Great culture

Our work culture, according to our team, feels like family. Our strong and happy culture comes from the supportive and collaborative nature of our team. Among those who said the culture was their favourite part of Willowglen, the consensus was that everyone is helpful, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. The technical nature of our projects helps to facilitate teamwork, where the team members are cooperative, always looking for improvement opportunities, and are receptive to ideas and feedback.

Two of our team members summed up the Willowglen culture well, “it’s a dynamic environment with lots of interesting people that work well as a team” and “generally, it’s a decently nerdy and enjoyable place to work.”


Innovative solutions

Innovation is at the core of Willowglen and is one of the favoured aspects of working for us. We’ve often said that we operate as a mature company as needed by our mission-critical customers, but we have the innovative pace of an accelerator. This means our team works on big projects of critical importance but delivers innovative solutions. There is a real passion amongst our team for the technology we develop and its applications. One team member has said, “We get to change the world through innovation”, which is something we are very proud of.



Willowglen has the innovative speed and spirit of a start-up but it also has the stability that comes with a 50-year-old automation engineering company. This provides our team with the best of both worlds, the innovation of a start-up but without the risk. 

Willowglen’s stability doesn’t just come from being an established business, we are also very diversified. We execute business development initiatives across four primary industrial automation markets, only 20% of our revenue is Oil and Gas. Our overseas business development spreads across five continents and includes two Global Fortune 500 and 12 FP500 companies.


Interesting work

The best part about Willowglen careers, as indicated by a majority of our team, is interesting and challenging work. Problem-solving is a large part of the work we do, so we are lucky to have a team who say that they enjoy finding solutions to interesting problems. The variety of work and consistently being presented with new challenges are also mentioned affectionately by the team when discussing their Willowglen career. With challenging work, comes the opportunity to learn, which our team appreciates.


Additional benefits of a Willowglen career

  • Comprehensive benefits package, that starts on day one!
  • Access to join our RSP where Willowglen will match 5% of your salary after a short two year vesting period
  • Annual performance bonus
  • Willowglen will pay for work-related memberships such as APEGA
  • National and international travel opportunities
  • Coffee and tea provided
  • Communal Nintendo Switches in the lunchroom
  • Free parking


Whether starting your career, looking to advance, or seeking a new challenge, we are a great place to work. To apply for jobs visit our career portal.