In a world where data demands are escalating, the need for a control system capable of
tackling the intricacies of modern automation challenges while upholding functionality,
reliability, availability, and, most importantly, security has never been greater.


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Willowglen’s revolutionary fifth-generation SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) platform is designed to redefine operational technology (OT) orchestration. SentientQ provides a robust, unified solution that seamlessly integrates subsystems, empowering users to oversee and manage intricate mission-critical infrastructure from a centralized control room.

The SentientQ Difference

SentientQ is built upon a foundation of containerized applications and high-availability server architecture, fundamentally enhancing protection and dependability. This architecture ensures the security and stability of critical applications, shielding them from both system failures and evolving security threats. Further, a comprehensive system allows users to optimize assets and performance, reducing unnecessary costs associated with maintenance and downtime. By bridging gaps and integrating new and legacy systems across an organization, SentientQ empowers users to harness information effectively and orchestrate responses optimally.

Key Features


SentientQ boasts an inherently secure architecture that empowers control room operators to deftly counteract modern cybersecurity threats swiftly.

Key components underpinning this theme include:

  • Security Manager: Empowering proactive response to emerging security threats.
  • Zero Trust: A security model based on the principle of not trusting any entity by default that is quickly becoming the industry standard implementation of the defence in-depth concept with the granularity of a single object.
  • CARTA: An adaptive security framework that ensures continuous risk assessment.


SentientQ is designed to allow clients to cost-effectively deploy Safety Integrity Level (SIL)-rated solutions.

Vital features fostering integrated safety include:

  • SILZone: Creating a bridge to SIL-rated solutions.
  • TÜV Safety Certification: Ensuring adherence of our processes and SentientQ to rigorous safety standards.


SentientQ harnesses the power of machine learning to augment decision-making and optimization efforts, leading to more efficient asset management, lower maintenance costs, and increased capacity.

Noteworthy components include:

  • Variable Response Service: Adapting response strategies based on real-time data.
  • Decision Support: Guiding users through complex decision landscapes.


SentientQ drives control systems into the fifth generation by seamlessly integrating a suite of features for heightened insights and control in a secure, reliable environment:

  • Patch Management System: Ensuring system integrity and security through timely updates.
  • Back Office and Data Lake Integration: Unifying operations and insights from the shop floor through to the cloud.
  • Calc Service: Advanced calculations for optimized decision-making.