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For decades, Willowglen Systems has worked with industry leaders around the globe to deploy world-class, integrated and stand-alone solutions in the transportation industry. Building on an understanding of future industry challenges, we work closely with end-user customers, clients, partners, and vendors to provide innovative solutions that ensure long-term success.

Our rail products drive efficiency while protecting passengers and cargo from safety and cybersecurity threats. Willowglen Systems’ patented SILZoneTM solution allows us to SIL-certify our safety rated systems, including Gate Intrusion and Detection Systems (GIDS) and Tunnel Ventilation Systems (TVS). Our safety and cybersecurity requirements anticipate current and future needs to ensure that you stay legislation compliant.

Willowglen Systems is vendor agnostic, and we integrate our key technological innovations with your processes and procedures for a seamless and safe solution.

Vancouver Sky Train on a bridge

Metro Rail

At Willowglen Systems, we specialize in complex systems that combine many sub-systems and technology from various vendors. We offer innovative solutions whenever your metro rail project faces complex needs with thousands of data connections and automated procedures. One project highlighting our integration capabilities is the OC Transpo project, in which we integrated 26 different sub-systems with technology from 12 other vendors.

CP freight train through the Alberta mountains

Heavy Rail

Willowglen Systems has been involved in Heavy Rail technology since we invented the first electronics teletype in 1973. Our heavy rail solutions of Wayside Health and PROXICOM focus on Wayside Crossing and track worker safety. In a time of renewed interest in railroad safety, we can help you track the security of your crossings while protecting workers, creating a safer railway network.

Rail Products, Solutions, and Services

Main Automation Contractor


As a Main Automation Contractor (MAC), we design, engineer, and deliver all automation-related equipment and systems to ensure it is integrated safely, securely, and supported by the appropriate services. As your single point of contact for all your automation needs, Willowglen Systems will find the cost-effective solution for your project by reducing your risk, accelerating schedules, lowering overall cost, and improving integration.

SentientQ is Willowglen System's next-generation enterprise control and integration solution, built with a focus on Cybersecurity, Physical Safety, and seamless Sub-System Integration.


SentientQ is Willowglen System’s proprietary platform. Allowing for seamless integration while maintaining reliability and high availability, SentientQ will lead the next generation of SCADA. Our product brings together security, transparency and consistency to address the complexity of today’s largest rail projects.

SCADA system for rail


SCADACOM is the preferred Integrated Control System for 24 metro-rail lines worldwide. Our Integrated Control Systems (ICS) meet the most demanding performance, reliability, security, and safety goals to provide supervisory SCADA to the world’s most challenging metro-rail applications. The flexibility of our SCADACOM provides outstanding and long-lasting value.

A rail worker kneeling down on a track

PROXICOM Railroad Worker Safety System

PROXICOM is an advanced railroad worker warning system explicitly designed for ease of use and deployment, allowing you to avoid collisions between trains, workers, and railway maintenance vehicles. A member of the SCADACOM family, PROXICOM is a secondary safety system that will integrate with your existing safety and operational rail systems and protect trackside workers.

Heavy Rail Train at a Wayside Crossing

Wayside Health Management System

Wayside Health Management System is an integrated and powerful solution that reduces maintenance time and increases safety. It’s a robust, feature-rich hardware and software platform seamlessly integrating wayside systems and enabling remote operational data collection. Tasks that periodically required on-site data collection can now be accomplished in real time. As a result, our system improves operations and enhances safety. For example, when a crossing has an issue, you are instantly alerted, allowing you to prevent accidents

Willowglen made RTU

Unisen Rail

Unisen Rail is our Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), an advanced intelligent electronic device for data acquisition, local / remote control and simple to complex real-time field data processing. Our Unisen RTUs are sophisticated devices with robust hardware and flexible software. Monitoring and control systems such as SCADACOM rely on the Unisen RTUs for reliable and accurate real-time field information.

Featured Projects

  • SCADACOM 6 (for Yongin South Korea) – 2021
  • SCADACOM 6 (for New York JFK AirTrain) – 2020
  • SCADACOM 6 (for Las Vegas MonoRail) – 2019
  • SCADACOM 6 (for Ottawa Light Rail Transit (OLRT)) – 2019
  • Wayside Health (for CP Rail) – 2018
  • SCADACOM 5 (for SAC) – 2017
  • VIM (for Bombardier – now Alstom) – 2013

For a more complete list of projects, see our history page.

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