Metro and Heavy Rail Products and Systems

SCADA system for rail


SCADACOM is the Integrated Control System of choice for 24 metro-rail lines around the globe. Our enterprise solution combines the power of SCADACOM with our 50 years of project management experience and unparalleled technical support. We design and deploy cost-effective Integrated Control Systems (ICS) that meet the demanding performance, reliability, security, and safety goals for the world’s most challenging metro-rail applications. SCADACOM’s flexibility adjusts to your needs without compromising your processes.

Willowglen made RTU

Unisen Rail

Unisen Rail is our Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) – an advanced intelligent electronic device used for data acquisition, local/remote control and simple to complex real-time processing of field data. The Unisen RTUs are sophisticated devices with robust hardware and flexible software. Monitoring and control systems such as SCADACOM rely on the Unisen RTUs for reliable and accurate real-time field information. 

A heavy rail train driving through a mountain landscape

Wayside Health Management System

A robust, feature-rich hardware and software platform that seamlessly integrates wayside systems and enables the remote collection of operational data. Wayside Health is an integrated and powerful solution that reduces maintenance time and increases safety. Tasks that periodically required on-site data collection are now accomplished in real-time. When a crossing has an issue, you know about it instantly – allowing you to prevent incidents. Our Wayside Health Management System ultimately improves operations and enhances safety.

A rail worker kneeling down on a track

PROXICOM Railroad Worker Safety System

PROXICOM is a second layer of protection for your trackside workers. PROXICOM is an advanced railroad worker warning system designed with ease of use and deployment in mind. As a member of the SCADACOM family, PROXICOM is a secondary safety system that will integrate with your existing safety and operational rail systems.