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SentientQ represents the evolution of enterprise-class SCADA technology providing control, automation, and data collection from the Edge to the distributed Control Center.

SentientQ is the future. It is SCADA Reimagined.

Video Transcript

Imagine a world where the movements of a dancer were controlled by multiple independent brains: one for each hand, one for each leg, even one for her smile. Coordinating movements among multiple brains would make operations very static. Without a single brain, optimizing performance would be extremely difficult. Unexpected events, even minor deviations from normal, could lead to disastrous results.

Imagine a world where a pianist must hone his skills with only a single nerve per finger tempering his touch. Imagine a world where direct and complete feedback from every aspect of our operation does not continuously improve the understanding of our body, tasks, and performance.

And yet in today’s world this is the approach that has been used to manage industrial infrastructure for decades. What should be an integrated infrastructure is siloed into islands of control. We limit the number of data points we collect from sensors and devices to only very few, because adding new points is expensive. Tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single extra point of information. Our operators are already data saturated limiting their ability to analyze new inputs, to learn, to improve.

In the industrial world small improvements in how we measure, monitor, and control a system can dramatically improve operating costs, environmental stewardship, capital asset utilization, safety, and reliability.

Introducing SentientQ from Willowglen Systems.

Willowglen’s SentientQ represents the evolution of SCADA. A system that is capable of running extremely complex infrastructure, such as the energy of an entire country, from a single simplified control room. SentientQ is built on proven SCADA technology to ensure reliability, regulatory compliance, and operational adherence.

SentientQ leverages heavily industrialized IOT technology to make adding new data points to an industrial network as easy as adding a doorbell to your home wi-fi.

SentientQ utilizes advanced machine learning technology to provide operators with intelligent decision support that constantly learns and evolves.

SentientQ provides a real-time big data engine that operates within the operational firewall, capable of real-time collection, analysis, and actioning of hundreds of millions of data points.

SentientQ is capable of augmenting your existing SCADA system or becoming your next SCADA system.

With SentientQ you can deliver disruptive improvements that will excite your CFO. For example SentientQ applied to a pipeline reduce the operating cost, and corresponding environmental footprint, by 30 percent.

Introducing SentientQ.

SentientQ has evolved out of Willowglen sustained research and development efforts. Willowglen’s industrial automation products are deployed on five continents.

Our products comply with the most stringent safety standards in the world, enabling for example the safe delivery of over 4 billion metro passengers per year.

Willowglen is a preferred partner with some of the world’s largest integrators and end users.

Imagine a better world. Imagine SentientQ from Willowglen Systems.