Security Manager™- The SCADA Cybersecurity Solution

Security Manager is SentientQ’s cybersecurity module. It is Willowglen’s solution to the SCADA cybersecurity problem. SentientQ’s Security Manager redefines cybersecurity in the scada environment by seamlessly integrating security information with facility operations in a zero trust environment.

Video Transcript

Hello. My name is Ian Verhappen. I am one of the Solutions Architects at Willowglen Systems developing SentientQ’s Security Suite. I have supported operations teams for over 25 years and am also an active member of the cybersecurity standards community.

Applying cybersecurity to industrial control system environments is about being able to proactively manage enterprise risk and help minimize or mitigate threats.

How does Willowglen implement cybersecurity for SCADA systems?

Willowglen understands the challenge, knows what we are up against and can help customers navigate these threats by proactively implementing the best security solutions possible.

Willowglen’s SentientQ re-defines cybersecurity in the SCADA environment by seamlessly integrating security information with facility operations in a Zero Trust environment.

What is Security Manager?

Security Manager is the cybersecurity module of SentientQ.It is a Patent Pending industrial cybersecurity solution.

It complies with industry regulations and standards including those from ISA/IEC, NIST, and NERC, while incorporating CARTA’s continuous threat assessment model to monitor communication patterns and identify abnormal system interactions before they escalate into incidents.

Security Manager combines data from the network security system tools with key operational parameters to assign a Security Score to every data point providing real time indication of the health of individual nodes, zones, or the full SCADA system.

How does Security Manager help?

Security Manager raises an operator’s cybersecurity awareness, and it guides operators and support personnel through the appropriate, safe operational response to prevent and reduce an incident’s impact because of it’s solid integration with the associated Variable Response system.

SentientQ combines Zero Trust architecture and security manager to provide robust cybersecurity to industrial control systems.

To learn more about Willowglen’s Security Manager and Variable Response System, please watch our demo.