The SentientQ Advantage

SentientQ aids oil & gas pipelines in reducing the operating cost by 28.4% with similar reductions in environmental factors. SentientQ pushes the conventional boundaries of SCADA to introduce a reimagined, intelligent, and sophisticated software solution that takes advantage of cutting-edge innovation and modern technologies to revolutionize the future of industrial automation.

Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Wayne Karpoff, CEO of Willowglen Systems. A company with 50 years of experience developing enterprise-class SCADA technology.

There is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence promising to deliver dramatic operational improvements to mission critical industrial infrastructures, such as power grids and metro rail systems. That potential is real.

Willowglen has, for example, reduced the operating cost of a major pipeline by 28.4% with similar reduction in environmental factors. 28.4% is enough to make a good day for any CFO!

You might think that feeding the well formulated data housed in a SCADA systems to machine learning algorithms would generate these magnitudes of results. But it is not that simple.

You need to re-look at the complete architecture of SCADA.

This is the motivation of a new generation of industrial control technology Willowglen calls SentientQ. Analyst firms have said that SentientQ redefines SCADA. Frankly, describing SentientQ as another SCADA systems is kinda like describing a Tesla as just another car!

SentientQ integrates analysis with a well proven enterprise-class SCADA system allowing constant, real-time adjustments to operational parameters.

Heavily industrialized IoT allows collecting data from new sources, including legacy devices, IoT enabled devices, or other low-cost sensors, as easily as adding a new device to your home WIFI network.

A real-time data engine housed within the OT firewall scales to hundreds of millions of active points.

In SentientQ, Cybersecurity is designed from the ground up with a Zero Trust architecture, active threat assessment and integrated threat response.

Trusted ledgers implemented with technologies similar to blockchain provide audit proof data enabling data monetization and operational improvements.

SIL 3 type certification provides an integrated solution for safety critical functions.

Like your cellphone, SentientQ provides an Appstore like platform for real-time analysis applications, which allows a constant flow of ever-improving analysis functions to be implemented by domain experts from any source – including your own staff.

SentientQ can be deployed beside your existing SCADA system, as an umbrella to multiple SCADA systems or be your next SCADA system.

Through these building blocks, SentientQ delivers disruptive improvements in operational efficiency, environmental stewardship, capital asset utilization, reliability and safety.

I hope you will explore Willowglen’s collection of videos, white papers and web pages to learn more about SentientQ. Or better yet, give us a call – we’d love to discuss how re-thinking your industrial control architecture could benefit you.