The SentientQ Variable Response System

SentientQ’s Variable Response System improves how operators react when responding to incidents. The system presents them with a clear set of options, and walks them through the process of bringing the incident to a resolution. The degree of automation used is fully customizable.

The Variable Response System is integrated within the SentientQ Security Suite. Providing the operator with a holistic view of any incident.

Video Transcript

Hello. My name is Ian Verhappen. I am one of the Solutions Architects at Willowglen Systems developing SentientQ’s Variable Response System. I have supported operations teams for over 25 years and am also an active member of the IEC 62443 cybersecurity standards community.

SentientQ’s Variable Response System builds upon the cybersecurity and operational information captured by an organization’s security tools. Willowglen’s Security Suite then integrates a tailored response to incidents into the operator’s SCADA environment.

One significant benefit of the SentientQ Variable Response System being integrated into the SCADA environment is that all the referenced equipment, control loops, alarms, etc. are able to be linked directly to the affected tag and schematic. This allows the operator to quickly navigate to the relevant level of detail they require to fully understand the process impact of any event.

The SentientQ Variable Response System takes into account the operational state of the process and then provides options, with a recommended scaled response, to contain the event while minimizing the impact to other systems and overall process availability.

Once the operator selects a response, the system prompts them through each step, incorporating feedback from the equipment itself as each stage is complete. Should it become necessary to reverse the process part way through the full sequence, the steps can be reversed at anytime.

The degree of automation of the response procedures can be configured by the client and changed at any time. The amount of automation can range from “manual” confirming each step as just described, semi-autonomous where the operator selects a response option and monitors its progress, to fully autonomous where similar to a safety instrumented function the Variable Response system responds automatically.

The Variable Response System through the SentientQ Message Broker and SentientQ Security Suite can send notifications to other systems such as the computer support team to implement IT/OT corrections, or the maintenance team if equipment needs replacing.

While waiting for other teams to complete their tasks the security alarm is placed into the “Standing Alarms” state. To ensure follow-up and completion of work, Standing Alarms have a configurable reminder prompt period.

After the source of the incident has been corrected and notification is received via the Security Suite that the equipment is ready, the response system walks the operator back to return the isolated equipment back to its normal state and then clears the security alarm.

To learn more about Willowglen’s SentientQ Security Suite and Variable Response System, please go to our YouTube channel and watch our demo.