SCADA Challenges

• Legacy control systems have limited functionality and are extremely difficult to upgrade or replace.

• A lack of sensors and data points makes it impossible to achieve system wide optimization.

• Control room operators are already overwhelmed with incoming change requests, messages, and alarms. This limits their ability to improve and optimize the systems for which they are responsible.

• The widespread availability of IoT devices creates an opportunity for significant operational improvements. However, yesterday’s SCADA systems cannot handle tomorrow’s data management challenges.

Adding new data points is time consuming and costly, often 10’s of 1000’s of dollars for a single point.

SentientQ is the Solution

• SentientQ is Willowglen’s next generation unified SCADA platform that addresses all of the challenges described above bringing security, transparency and consistency to complex and diverse environments.

• SentientQ can run extremely complex infrastructure, such as the energy supply of an entire country, from a single, simplified, control room.

SentientQ Decision Support reduced a pipeline operator’s annual cost of power and additives by 28.4%.

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The SentientQ Advantage


Upgrade Without Disruption


Leverage Your Existing Systems


Optimize Operational Performance


Increase System Security


Improve Quality of Life


Minimize Life Cycle Costs

SentientQ Key Features

Each of the elements above contributes to addressing the SCADA challenges to provide the SentientQ benefits.

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