For over 20 years, Willowglen Systems has been at the forefront of the custody transfer flow computer business – with innovative products that incorporate new technologies to push the limits of what is possible in a flow computer. Unisen Flow Computers are sophisticated flow calculating devices with robust hardware and flexible software aimed at satisfying the auditing, regulatory and billing requirements of pipeline operations. They are field-proven in varying sizes and configurations, developed in conjunction with top pipeline operators and customized to their changing requirements.

Unparalleled Platform Configurability

The Unisen Flow Computer allows customers to create their own programs. These programs can be written in any of the five IEC 61131-3 languages. The Unisen’s high performance CPU and large memory capacity allows these programs to be large and complex.

Scalable and Flexible

The Unisen Flow Computer interfaces to standard liquids or gas flow meters, and functions in a variety of configurations – from a single flow meter up to 25 meters arranged in a header – an achievement that can only be reached by competitive solutions by using multiple flow computers. The Unisen Flow Computer is your most advanced, scalable, and cost-effective choice.

Sophisticated and Customized Sampling

The Unisen Flow Computer has sophisticated user customizable algorithms to control the sampling apparatus, as well as logic to determine when to take samples (according to the batch size, current flow rate and current sample volumes).

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