Willowglen Systems transporting rail SCADA into the future.
Willowglen Systems transporting rail SCADA into the future.

PRESS RELEASE | April 11, 2023


Willowglen Systems partners with Grupo de Empresas Sunrise Monorail and Hitachi Rail

Willowglen Systems is committed to improving rail automation technology. Our platform integrates all rail subsystems and streamlines rail operations management through a single system, allowing operators to gain a holistic view of the entire rail operational environment while passengers enjoy a safe and seamless experience. 

Edmonton, Alberta, Tuesday, April 11, 2023 — Grupo de Empresas Sunrise Monorail has chosen Willowglen Systems for delivering Main Automation Contractor (MAC) services in Panama for the Metro Line 3 Monorail Project, built by Hitachi Rail.



Willowglen Systems will streamline the design, engineering, and commissioning of all required rail subsystems for the twelve stations, including the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system leveraging Hitachi’s Automation 2.0 platform, and the Fleet Data Collector (FLDC) subsystem, employing our next-generation integration platform. Willowglen Systems will also integrate other subsystems designed to ensure safe tunnel operations for the 5.3 km tunnel addition that will cross underneath the Panama Canal.



Willowglen Systems oversees the safe and efficient arrival of over 3.5 billion metro-rail passenger journeys annually. Our integration platform is the preferred solution for mission-critical control rail applications. Willowglen Systems technologies run through 32 metro rail lines in over 700 km of track and 460 stations worldwide. In addition, our rail automation system complies with all the cybersecurity and safety regulations that Europe and the Americas require.



Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and with regional and international offices, Willowglen Systems incorporates key technological innovations into our platform to deliver outstanding and long-lasting value to all our stakeholders. Our mission is to transform the next generation of rail transportation through operational efficiencies and increased public safety. Our partners also benefit from value-added services, like main automation contracting, and 24/7 cybersecurity coverage. For more information about Willowglen Systems, visit www.willowglensystems.com.



Hitachi Rail is a fully integrated, global provider of rail solutions across rolling stock, signalling, service & maintenance, digital technology and turnkey solutions. With a presence in 38 countries across six continents and over 12,000 employees, our mission is to contribute to society through the continuous development of superior rail transport solutions. We are proud of our global achievements, from our world-famous ‘bullet trains’, to our signalling solutions and turnkey projects, state-of-the-art traffic management and digital solutions. Drawing on the wider Hitachi Group’s market-leading technology and research-and-development capabilities, we strive for industry leading innovations and solutions that can deliver value for customers and sustainable railway systems that benefit wider society. For information about Hitachi Rail, visit www.hitachirail.com.



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